Almanac 2013 Payment Options

Thank you for your interest in the Contemporary Performance Alamanc 2013. We have over 250 artists from 74 countries participating! The book project is crowd-funded and open-source, each artist/company pays US$50 to help publish the book and send them to presenters and festivals. You can also have a copy sent to you. We will  accept artists to the book until Oct 15th. Fill out the form below to gain access to the submission form.

Deadline for payment is October 15th, 2013 and the deadline for the actual submission is October 31st, 2013 5pm EST Below is a list of the information we will gather and publish.

• CITY* (City where artist lives)
• COUNTRY* (Country where artist lives)
• Email*
• ARTIST STATEMENT (250 word limit)* (-short bio -what kind of work do you make -why do you make work) 1600 max characters
• DISCIPLINES (up to 6 words, separated by commas)*
• DESCRIPTION OF THE WORK (250 word limit)* (-why did you make it  -what is it about -how does the audience experience it) 600 max characters
• PRODUCTION HISTORY* (Name of venues where work has been presented.)
• KEYWORDS (up to 6 words, separated by commas)* (Keywords about the work.)
• UPLOAD YOUR IMAGE (8MB Limit) (Upload the image you want to use with your listing. This will be a full page black and white image in the book. If we have more than 300 artists participate in the book, we will make a tablet app and will use the color image. You can upload a color or black and white image.)
• TWITTER USERNAME (If we reach 300 artists, we will make an app and add your twitter to your listing. Ours is @pformart)
• FACEBOOK FANPAGE URL (If we reach 300 artists, we will make an app and add your Facebook to your listing. Ours is
• VIDEO LINK (Youtube or Vimeo Link. If we have 300 artists particiapte we will be able to also make a tablet app and it will be full color with a link to your video.)
• LINK TO YOUR PROFILE ON CONTEMPORARY PERFORMANCE NETWORK (not required) Link should look like – You can join here