Author: Caden Manson (Editor In Chief)

Lost Notebook Defines Contemporary Performance

“Contemporary performance is hybrid work that integrates text, dance, objects, music, costumes, lighting, image, sound, sets, and vocal expression into complex interactive systems. Contemporary performance names a body of work that builds on an aesthetic history beginning in the 1880s with Alfred Jarry and early Dada experiments and unfolds through into the American avant-garde and Performan...

Radio Hole Announces New Work and Touring Venues

Whatever, Heaven Allows STARRING: Maggie Hoffman Eric Dyer Erin Douglass Mark Jaynes Joseph “Wedgewood” Silovsly & Kourtney Rutherford As The Deer Coming Soon to: PS122 UCLA Prelude The Warhol Museum The Walker Arts Center

Certain Fragments

“The struggle to produce witnesses rather than spectators is present in the contemporary performance scene. You can see it in excess/epic style at least in the public piercings and mutilations by American artist Ron Athey or the ‘suspensions’ on meet-hooks carried out by Stelare, events in which extreme versions of the body in pain, in sexual play and in shock demand repeated of those watchi...