Lyam Gabel



Lyam Gabel


I am a director, performance maker, and community organizer specializing in cross-disciplinary collaborations and multifaceted media projects. As co-director of LAST CALL I create innovative, multi-platform performances and digital media that document and interpret neglected queer history in New Orleans and beyond, creating connections between those who lived this history and those who have much at stake if it is forgotten. I am currently co-directing the nationally touring performance Alleged Lesbian Activities, am company member of physical theater ensemble NEW NOISE and write about new performance work for Pelican Bomb. My work is funded by MAP, the National Performance Network, Platforms Fund, NEFA, and Alternate Roots. 2017 Fall Drama League Directing Fellow.

I have a passion for stretching the boundaries of the theatrical form and blurring the line between disciplines to create work that speaks viscerally and directly to our current time. I have collaborated extensively with visual artists and musicians to create work that is interdisciplinary and genre defying. I have developed new work with playwrights, ensembles, and solo performers.

When I am not making work, touring work, or writing about work I am teaching youth and adults to tell stories through personal coaching, intensive workshops, and year long classes.

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