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    Grazia Capri Company present TERRA FIRMA
    JUNE 23, DIXON PLACE THEATER, 161A Chrystie St, New York, NY 10002, 7 pm
    Ticket available on

    TERRA FIRMA is an intimate and poetic exploration of life as a journey— journey not conceived simply as displacement in space and time but also symbolically through a sense of desire for knowledge of oneself and in the search for oneself.
    Artistic Director, Choreographer: Grazia Capri
    Performers: Grazia Capri, Amanda Bouza, Kaity Myers, Irene Paci.
    Music composition by Stefano Cavazzini
    Live music improvisation by Martin Nevin
    Lights design by Mokshini Gobin
    Animations and projections by Sherry Lu and Anne Zeng

    Length 55min

    Photo: Alexander Sargent

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