Janine Lages



Janine Lages






producer, theatre, performance


Graduated in Theatre Studies in 2007, from the University of Évora, I began my professional career in production in 2004 within the Festival Escrita na Paisagem – Festival of Performance and Land Art. Later, worked as a producer in television, music and cinema, where I began to develop other skills, such as: communication, promotion, sale of contents, presentation of projects in festivals and international markets; establishment of national and international partnerships; elaboration of applications for financial support at national and international level. Throughout these years, I attended different courses that allowed me to acquire knowledge and skills in these areas: Technical Course on Executive Production for TV and Cinema; Technical Course on Music Production and Marketing; Technical Course on Audiovisual Production and Marketing; Film Producers Workshop (with Gareth Wiley); Film Financing in an Entrepreneurial Age (with Paul Miller). Currently I work at Companhia João Garcia Miguel, a performing arts’ company, based in Lisbon, where I’m responsible for the elaboration of applications for financial support, establishment of partnerships with potential partners both national and internationally, the sale of shows and the production of international projects.

Performance Discipline

Theatre, performance

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