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    Memento Vivere: a work that will end in 20 years.
    performance Art, videoart
    by Kyrahm, Mariaelena Masetti Zannini, Julius Kaiser

    A work that will end in 20 years.
    Parents, son, daughters consign to the realization of a performance that will be documented for a video art project where they are invited to tell each other everything, as in an upcoming farewell, in order not to leave anything pending, making promises and confiding secrets.
    In 20 years, those who remain will tell memories, regrets, achievements, losses, successes, failures of the pact made.
    The work stems from reflection in an era where, due to the covid, several people were unable to say goodbye, unable for security reasons to give each other their last farewell.
    The live action involves the participation of people who spontaneously want to take part in the project (first stage: Castel dell’Ovo, Art Performing Festival)

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