• Laura Corcuera posted an update 1 year, 3 months ago
    Straw (paja, palha, paille) is matter. It is a singular word but which carries collective in its importance and functionality. It is a transient, emotional, migrating and even an omnipresent matter. The straw material encompasses human being in the shape of a house or ceiling, or winds out our sweats as fans in humid environments. Straw also protects us from the sun in the shape of a hat. It can turn into rapid fire and expand. It inhabits the stomach of the cow, which eats and digests two it or three times. Straw is and is handled in different parts of the world, it is malleable, intense and discreet.
    Two courageous bodies –Laura Corcuera (1979, Zaragoza, Spain) and Juliana Notari (1980, Sao Paulo, Brazil)– are mixing their action tools (science communication, performative arts, audiovisual and journalistic media, geographic politics, open technologies and puppetry languages) to propose a public festive game research whose continuation will be known in 2020-2021, a straw facility, an almost haystack. Several cosmovisions of the existence investigated in several periods of lives and migrations.

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