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Hiroshi Mehata is a Sound/Visual artist based in Tokyo, Japan.

He focuses on extracting the critical factor that has formed a Japanese history/spirit/culture, “The sense of perceiving the invisible atmosphere,” and to unravel the essence of the human mind in modern society through the relationship with sound and visual.

Under the concept called “Noum,”

he represents ” the noise by an infinite chain of the impression” that swirls on the surface of everything, as the symbol pattern/sound with various mediums. (from musical works to traditional drawings, digital drawings, paintings, installations, and video works.).

Released as Mehata Sentimental Legend with his solo album “Noum Zeccyou” from Mind Plug Records (Germany) in 2011.

Since then, he has been doing a musical collaboration with foreign artists or musicians and touring abroad.

In 2013, he had a first solo exhibition as a visual artist, “Mehata Hiroshi- Noum Zeccyou” at Gallery TEXU in Spain.“Mehata Hiroshi Meets Abantal Restaurante(Spain, 2014) was framed as a part of 2013-2014 Japan-Spain 400th Anniversary”,“NOUM AMATARA/El Viajero Alado(Spain, 2016)” etc.

Other selected, “Concorso arte Milano 2016 (Italy, 2016)” ,“la 3ème Session des Journées Méditerranéennes des Arts Visuels à Hammamet(Tunisia, 2016)”“Kameyama Art Triennale(Japan,2017)”, “Makassar Biennale 2019 (Indonesia, 2019)”, “Chicago Obihiro Exchange Project presented by Asian Improv aRts Midwest (US 2019)”, etc.

2020, New music album “Exhausted Woeks – Mercury” released from Mind Plug Records.

Performance Discipline

sound, Visual Art,

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