• Pier Giorgio De Pinto posted an update 3 weeks, 6 days ago

    Philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy has passed away.
    We are receiving with great sadness the news of Jean-Luc Nancy’s passing. Our thoughts and deepest condolences are with those who are close to him and his family.

    Over the last eight years, the encounter with Jean-Luc Nancy was a pivotal moment for our project and a revealing experience for all the people involved in this endeavour. Jean-Luc Nancy gifted us by revising his text: ‘58 Indices sur le corps’ and implementing it with new written and recorded content specifically created for the project.

    His precious contribute was not only the testimony of one of the greatest minds of our time but also an act of generosity towards the new generation of artists and thinkers.

    Jean-Luc Nancy joined a series of our live performances, becoming not only an exceptional point of reference, but a truly inspiring friend.

    The news of his passing reaches us like a whisper but a tribute will be necessary in due course. This is why, to keep the project alive and running, AMAE and Pier Giorgio De Pinto wish to involve performers and video artists from all over the world to create a film comprehensive of live performances inspired by the philosopher’s content. His work, his voice and his sharp sense of humor will survive him for years to come.

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