Pier Giorgio De Pinto



Pier Giorgio De Pinto


Chiasso, Ticino




Video performance, Long durational perfomance, Action without audience, action art, body art, Philosophy with Techonogy, interactive installation, interactive media, mixed media,Dance, Music, Theatre, Acting




Pier Giorgio De Pinto. Born in Civitavecchia, Rome *1968. He lives and works in Ticino, Switzerland.


Pier Giorgio De Pinto is a trans-disciplinary artist, performance artist, curator, theorist and media trainer. He runs his own art studio in Chiasso, Ticino. Additionally, from 2010 to 2018 He has served as coordinator and curator of numerous events and exhibitions of MACT/CACT Arte Contemporanea Ticino. He was also Co-coordinator with Tiziana Conte for the 2018 edition of Festa danzante/Tanzfestival/ Fête de la Danse 2018 (Dance Festival).

He is passionate about the use of new media as a means to involve the audience, creating performative experiences and immersive environments. Currently He is focused on synthesizing expanded cinema, live performances, AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), digital codes, infographics, mapping territories and human factors as a way of combining different physical and virtual media to tell a story through experiential installations. In many of his works, sounds, objects, watercolors and drawings, coded movies, functional architecture and interactive installations create spaces that develop a poetic and conceptual dimension through sensory perception, tactile experience, reflection and awareness.He is constantly seeking new ways of drawing the viewer into active participation rather than simply remaining a neutral observer. Art can and should be an experiential, transformative encounter, both externally and internally.

De Pinto has exhibited and performed in numerous institutions, museums and art centres, such as Tate Britain and Whitechapel Gallery in London, Pesti Vigadó Palace in Budapest, Palazzo Medici Riccardi in Florence, Palazzo Ducale in Genoa, ViaFarini DOCVA in Milan, Pinault Foundation at Punta della Dogana, Palazzo Grassi in Venice, MACT/CACT Arte contemporanea Ticino e Museo Civico Villa dei Cedri in Bellinzona, i2a International Institute of Architecture in Lugano, Haus der elektronischen Künste and Fondation Beyeler in Basel, Le Manoir in Martigny, and Cabaret Voltaire in Zürich. He also exhibited in the 7th Berlin Biennale and He was among the artists of Manifesta 11. Recently, He was in Regionale 17. His artworks can be found in international public, corporate and private collections.

Performance Discipline

Video performance, Action without audience, action art, body art, Philosophy with Techonogy, interactive installation, interactive media, mixed media, Dance, Music, Theatre, Acting,

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