Silvina Grinberg



Silvina Grinberg


Buenos Aires




director, choreographer, dance, performance, profesor, artist



WORK EXPERIENCE Training and Education

  • Head Professor for BA in Dance Theater At National Art, Buenos Aires University (UNA).

  • Improvisation and composition Teacher. Professional Dance School “La Fábrica”.

  • Physical Theater Teacher TFE (Specialization on Performing Art) “Estudio Viceversa”

  • Scenic Experimentation Teacher. Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center, Buenos Aires University .

  • Guest Teacher: “Ciudanza” Festival, “Puentes” Project, C.C.R.Rojas, “Danzalborde” Festival, Valparaiso Chile, Contemporary Dance Festival, Buenos Aires. International Theater Festival (FIBA), Buenos Aires,

  • Workshops and private classes in different institutions in Argentina and abroad.

CHOREOGRAPHY AND DIRECTION “Rolando y Maria” Recoleta Cultural Center Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center. Camarín de las Musas Theater. Buenos Aires, Argentina,”El escondido” Sarmiento Theater. Buenos Aires Contemporary Dance Festival. Buenos Aires International Theater Festival. Santa Fe Argentinian Theater Festival. Knowledge Cultural Center, Misiones, Argentina.”Los esmerados”Camarín de las Musas Theater., Buenos Aires Teatro del Perro, Buenos Aires Contemporary Dance Festival, Danza Al Borde Dance Festival, Santiago, Chile.”12 Saltos”Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina. “Puente la vaca” Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center.Buenos Aires, Argentina.”Fiebre de Doris” Comissioned piece for the National University of Arts Dance Company. Buenos Aires, Argentina. “El Cielo de los monstruos”Comissioned piece for Argentinian Theater La Plata TACEC. Buenos Aires, Argentina.”Marisa y Simon” Comissioned piece for Cervantes National Theater, Buenos Aires, Argentina.”Cuando reinaban los cocodrilos”Extranjero Theater, Buenos Aires Argentina.”Temperamental” Comissioned piece for the Contemporary Dance Company. San Martín Theater, Buenos Aires Argentina.”Magnetica Fe”1 de Mayo Theater, Santa Fe, Argentina.Buenos Aires Contemporary Dance Festival. FITZA Festival, Antogagasta Chile.”El escape del gusano” Contemporary Dance Festival. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Teatro de la Comedia, La Plata. Argentina.”El cuerpo de la masa” Ciudanza – International Buenos Aires Festival.Arts City Festival, Santa Fe, Argentina.”Misterio” Grupo RES. Festival de Buenos Aires, Festival FIZA Antofagasta Chile.”Jiuman Wifi” Comissioned Bienal Buenos Aires- National University of Arts Dance Company. Buenos Aires, Argentina. ” Ballet Establet” FIBA. International Festival of Buenos Aires.PERFORMANCES- Tanz im August 2010 “Human Writes” directed by Willyam Forsythe.Berlin, Germany.Festival Dance Project collaboration with Daša Grgič, Max Jurcev »Dance exercise, love, hate and ambition about Will« Slovene Permanent Theatre in Trieste, Actis space Trieste, Italy.”MacBeth” Opera,Colón Theater, Buenos Aires, Argentina.GRANTS AND AWARDS-American Dance Festival 1998-Prodanza Institute 2004, 2007, 2014, 2017-National Fund of Arts. 2015-Theater of the World Awards , 2007-Hugo Awards 2012.Atina Awards 2012Cultural Management: Cocoa Datei. -Dance Creators- Nonprofit Civil Association. President

Performance Discipline


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