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Soeine Bac






director, choreographer, visual artist, teacher, performer



I have been attempting to extend art so that it becomes a form of living rather than a merely institutional discipline. To this end, improvisation has become my general method and conceptual ground. I note that life itself is an improvisation. I try to understand the mind in improvisation and apply my discoveries to making art. Much of my process has involved studying meditation, somatic movement, and the East Asian idea of nothingness in non-duality.


While my main discipline lies within the visual and media arts, movement is important in my work. Working with the body brings me close to the materiality of things, and allows me to be aware of changes in physical existence. Concentrating on notions of change and movement, I have tried to merge visual art and dance in site-specific performative installations as the form of live art. The performer becomes part of the installation, merging with mobile, installed objects. The objects, unlike human performers, cannot form intentional movements according to a preset composition; so the human performers have to respond to the movements of the objects, which limit the performer’s intentional mind and generate spontaneous movements in the given context. Accordingly, my interest has moved from choreographic movements with predetermined intentions toward mechanical movements of objects in a certain consequential order. I investigate how the movements of the objects and the human performers can support each other, without the usual anthropocentric hierarchy in the relationship between humans and non-human entities.


My recent work concerns the notion of mapping. As a form of language, maps capture our qualitative experience of space in sets of symbols that signify our quantitative interpretation of it, creating – and thus imagining – places with man-made meanings and boundaries. Mapping allows us to refine our raw personal interaction with personal space into a social practice with communal space. I investigate relationships between physical boundaries and social boundaries and examine how tangible materials affect the way we understand a space by producing communal social meanings.


Performance Discipline

dance, improvisation

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