Vintani Nafassi



Vintani Nafassi


cape town


South Africa


performer, choreographer, percussionist and musician


I am Vintani Afonso Nafassi and most of my life I have been a professional dancer and percussionist. I did contemporary, jazz and modern dance; and my main focus was African traditional dance. I worked in the Zimbabwe College of Music, the Zimbabwe Dance Foundation Course and the Zimbabwe Association of Music Educators as a music and dance teacher in 2010 and 2011. I was a professional dancer and musician for 10 years in the National Dance and Song Company of Mozambique. VINTANI NAFASSI (Mozambique, currently living in South Africa) is singer-songwriter. His goal is to modernise traditional African music. As a basis he uses melodies from a variety of Southern African states, but also songs that he learned from his grandma.

Nowadays I work mostly as choreographer, musician, song writer and composer. I teach traditional songs, drums and dance at the African Music Department in the College of Music of the University of Cape Town, where I am currently finishing my Honours Degree in African Music and Performance. I am also involved in UCT outreach program, where I am teaching traditional dance, traditional songs, and how to play mbira, djembes, percussions and traditional drums. Beyond Mozambique, where I lived most of my life, and Cape Town (South Africa) where I’m living now; I have thought music and dance in workshops as well as performed live in different places such as Harare (Zimbabwe), Manzini (Swaziland), Campinas and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Macau (China), Saint Dennis (Reunion Island) and Frderickstad(Norway).


Performance Discipline

African music

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