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Theatre as a Laboratory for community interaction



within the framework of

the European Culture Project Caravan – Artists on the Road


the Laboratory Theatre Network



Theatre as a Laboratory for community interaction


Holstebro, 15 – 19 May 2014


Odin Teatret’s experience as a laboratory is rooted in the artistic quality of its performances. But a theatre laboratory has other tasks: to ask pertinent questions and solve concrete tasks (pure and applied research);  to  pass on technical knowledge (pedagogy); to be cultural operators who are active in the local community as a means of stimulation and integration. A theatre laboratory promotes artistic transformances, intercultural and intergenerational dialogue, and social exchange – or barter – to enliven the relationship between culturally distant individuals and subgroups. Thus theatre, aiming at exchange and social interference, becomes a means to activate a potential cultural energy, displaying anomalous and exceptional experiences. Theatre becomes the art of putting into relation that which is different, making it visible and allowing a communication based on a living contact of empathy and reciprocity. Going beyond its artistic objectives, theatre becomes a cultural motor which infuses equal dignity to the different forms of expression in a community.


In general discussions, community theatre has often been dismissed as belonging to an amateur sphere that does not demand rigour and discipline resulting in performances of poor quality with the excuse of a political, social or didactic message. During the Symposium speakers of diverse origins and experience will confront the theme of a theatre laboratory’s engagement in the community hoping to bring a different point of view. Performances will be presented to contribute to the discussion.




Invited speakers and artists from the Laboratory Theatre Network:

Richard Gough and Helen Gethin, Centre for Performance Research, Wales

Darek Kosinski and Jarek Fret, The Grotowski Institute, Poland


Invited speakers and artists from the European Culture Project Caravan – Artists on the Road:

Alberto Pagliarino, Alessandra Rossi Ghiglione, Pop Economix, Italy

Alberto M. Guinaldo, Isadora Pei, Marcelo Miguel, The Jasonites, Spain/Italy/Brazil

Franco Perelli, Rita M. Fabris, Alessandro Pontremoli, Turin University, Italy

Giuseppe L. Bonifati, Divano Orientale Occidentale, Italy/Denmark/Hungary

Ricardo Iniesta, Atalaya-TNT, Spain


Invited speakers and artists especially for the symposium:

Exe Christoffersen, Aarhus University

Geddy Aniksdal, Grenland Friteater, Norway

Humørgruppen, Denmark

Joanna Sherman and Michael Mc Guigan, Bond Street Theatre, USA

Sue Gill and John Fox, Dead Good Guides, UK

Miguel Rubio, Yuyachkani, Peru

Øyvind Kirchhoff, Forsøgsstationen and Det Olske Orkester, Denmark



The symposium is open to 30 participants.


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