Opportunities: Online course "New Technologies for Performance Art Part 1: An Introduction to the Extended Reality Spectrum and related Performance Works" (online) Deadline – October 3, 2021

Opportunity: Online course “New Technologies for Performance Art Part 1: An Introduction to the Extended Reality Spectrum and related Performance Works” Where: online When: October 5-26, Tuesdays 6-8pm CET Deadline: October 3, 2021 Online Application: https://ecc-performanceart.eu/newtechnologiesforperformanceart Fee to Participate or Apply: EUR 175 Description Of Opportunity: This online course is devoted to one of the most pertinent cultural trends of the present: immersion and its technologies. It addresses central questions such as: What does the turn to the immersive mean for us? Why is it happening? Who benefits ? How is it changing the way we create, share, and preserve art and culture? How does it transform the field of performance art? The histories of art, photography...

Opportunities: Online Course "Performing the Memory" (online) Deadline – October 3, 2021

Opportunity: Online Course "Performing the Memory" Where: online When: October 4-25, Mondays 6-8pm CET Deadline: October 3, 2021 Online Application: https://ecc-performanceart.eu/performingthememory Fee to Participate or Apply: EUR 175 Description Of Opportunity: This practice-based course focuses on the concept of memory as immediate inspriation and tool for creating performance art. Through joint analysis of historic and contemporary examples by artists such as Franko B., La Pocha Nostra, Kimsooja, Preach R Sun, Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow, or Miao Jiaxin, participants will approach different forms of memory such as personal vs. collective, and the discourses connected with them: from emotion such as love and loss, to issues of identity, gender, and race, or experiences of migration, di...

Opportunities: Fellowships_ The CHOREOGRAPHIC MARATHON (ONline International from Toronto Canada) Deadline – Oct 1, 2021

Opportunity: Fellowships_ The Choreographic Marathon Where: Online International from Toronto Canada When: October 16, 17, 2021 then part-time through Jan 2022 Deadline: Oct 1, 2021 Online Application: https://www.choreographicmarathon.ca Fee to Participate or Apply: Fellowship Description Of Opportunity: PROPOSE ASAP for Across Oceans CM FELLOWSHIPS For movement artists working in All forms of movement arts – established and new generation – to examine of their creative processes and the principles at the foundation of their artistry in an intentional community of supportive and challenging peers and senior mentors. The Choreographic Marathon work is centred on the Oct 16, 17 intensive and continues over 4 months. Artists (individuals and/or ensembles) begin by bringing materi...

Opportunities: Online course "Performance Art Archives and Documentation (online) Deadline – September 6, 2021

This course examines how the time-and site-specific experience of performance art is translated into physical material with sustainability. It investigates into the relation of physical remains to ephemeral artistic practice, their meaning for the inscription into history, and ways of use for artists, scholars, and curators. The course presents various theories related to the concept of the archive, modes of documentation ranging from traditional to contemporary, as well as examples of use of archival material in artistic and exhibition practice. Students will consider how documenting strategies are changing in relation to new technologies and media and what the implications are for the concept of the “archive”.

Opportunities: Online Course "Performance Art: From Idea to Execution" (online) Deadline – September 5, 2021

The main objective of this course is to prepare the participants to develop an idea into a live performance art piece. In the process, participants will practice how to think critically about performance art and find their unique way of expression. In order to gain historical and disciplinary perspective, participants will learn about precedents such as Futurism and DADA, the development of the scene in various parts of the world, leading artists such as Yoko Ono, Marina Abramovic, or Vito Acconci, as well as crucial festivals and exhibitions.

Interdisciplinary, Collaborative, Expansive, Rigorous – 2 Year MFA in Theatre – Sarah Lawrence College (New York)

The Master of Fine Arts in Theatre at Sarah Lawrence College supports students through research and practice to develop their unique artistic voice and robust creative practice to engage with the contemporary field. Under the guidance of faculty and thesis advisors who are working artists, curators, and organizers, the program offers an advanced study of theatre and performance that is interdisciplinary, collaborative, expansive, and rigorous.

Job Opening: Production Manager/ Lighting Supervisor – Sarah Lawrence College Theatre (NYC Area)

Sarah Lawrence College Theatre Program is a community of generous and engaged artists who value diverse, intentional, and rigorous research, process, and creation. We hold each other and ourselves accountable to responsibly challenge ourselves and each other to foster our growth as individuals and collaborative artists. We support innovation, not only in the art we produce but also in the systems we make to learn, share, and create. Through an interdisciplinary curriculum that prioritizes equality, care, and experimentation, we aim to create an artistic environment steeped in joy to envision and build a better future. This is an open and inclusive community where everyone is welcome.

Opportunities: 5th Performance Showcase in Sao Paulo (Sao Paulo – Brasil City) Deadline – 8/30/2021

SerformanceP is accepting participants online-live, in person, and/or prerecorded video/gif.

Opportunities: The Saison Foundation | Online Research Residency 2021/22 (Online) Deadline – August 26, 2021

Opportunity: The Saison Foundation | Online Research Residency 2021/22 Where: Online When: November 10, 2021, until February 10, 2022 Deadline: August 26, 2021 Online Application: https://forms.gle/Qnf4BHfXr9iwB6iY9 Fee to Participate or Apply: Free Description Of Opportunity: Online Research Residency supports creative research for international dance/performance artists who are expected to play an important role in the international performing arts scene, with aims to build an international network for contemporary performing arts and to enhance mutual understanding. Online Research Residency offers artistic development opportunities to research and spend time building links with the other participating artists. – Online residency period: November 10, 2021, until February 10, 2022 ...

Opportunities: Aerowaves #Twenty22 Open Call (Elefsina, Greece) Deadline – 15 September 2021 at 5 pm

Aerowaves is on the hunt again for twenty talented emerging choreographers based in geographical Europe. You can now apply to become a Twenty22 artist with the opportunity to have your work presented at the Spring Forward festival in May 2022 in Elefsina (Greece), and also by many of our Aerowaves partners around Europe.

Opportunities: Performing Arts International Residency (Italy) Deadline – October 2021

Opportunity: Performing arts international residency in Italy Where: Italy When: From May 2022 to October 2023 Deadline: October 2021 Online Application: Please send an email info@kultursciok.com Fee to Participate or Apply: There is a contribution for lodging asked to each artist by contract normally a minimum of 120 euros per person. Description Of Opportunity: Kulturfactory is the new spot for contemporary artists. In Domicella ( Naples ) Active since 2018 thanks to outstanding artists from all over the world this place became an important reference for artists dedicated to contemporary experimental live and video works . The residency length is normally between 8 and 10 days maximum, with a few exceptions. Kulturscio’k is a not-for-profit company dedicated to producing, discovering, su...

Opportunities: ImPulsTanz Public Moves 2021 FREE (Vienna)

From 6th July to 15th August we’re dancing again at eight locations in Vienna: Several times a day, in any weather, 113 teachers will offer insights into different dance styles – from ballet and bodywork to jazz and hip hop, voguing and yoga. The 189 classes are open to all age groups and abilities, no previous knowledge necessary. Thanks to the generous support of the Arbeiterkammer Wien, all workshops are once again free of charge!