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In Performance – Lisa Clair, What’s YOUR Problem? (SFX)

Lisa Clair
What’s YOUR Problem? // A Deep Space Lounge Act

January 6th at 8pm

The Wild Project
195 E 3rd St

Once Lisa Clair went deaf in one ear. But did it mean she had a disease, or was it a sign of alien invasion? Clair explores both options and more in “What’s YOUR Problem?” a space-oriented cabaret that features personal stories, takes on classic sci-fi movie scenes, and songs of all sorts. Fantastical costumes and a set wonderfully committed to space-age gold and silver (even Clair’s water bottle was wrapped in aluminum foil to fit in) immediately put us in another world. The impressive musical stylings of performer-composer Brian McCorkle underscore Clair as she speaks and sings about medical trauma with confidence and grace. Special guest Molly Pope stuns in a very timely Princess Leia costume, and Hanlon Smith-Dorsey, Jedidiah Clarke, and David Commander round out a cast that charms. Early on, Clair sings about decaying bodies and their beauty. The beauty of “What’s YOUR Problem” makes that duality not just about Clair’s body but also our own.

photo by Maria Baranova

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