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10 Socially Engaged Art Practitioners to Know: 5. The Foundry Theatre

The Foundry Theatre

The Foundry Theatre aspires to assemble a community of artists with revolutionary ideas for the theatre and the world in which it is situated.

We commission, develop, premiere, and tour theatrical works that explore the (im)possibilities of theatre and we believe our body of work makes a passionate argument for its limitless potential.  In addition, The Foundry hosts ongoing dialogue series and community collaborations that bring artists together with stakeholders from other communities to unpack issues and ideas of contemporary social and political resonance.

There is tremendous vitality in the assembly of individuals who have committed their lives to the theatre, not in service of a ‘career’ but out of a hunger to participate in creating a broader vision – to be part of a progressive community whose ideas, art and actions might address and challenge what is unacceptable in the status quo.  Many who believe in the potency of theatre dare to hope their work will support and invigorate other individuals and communities to do the same.  The Foundry is committed to reinvestigating that ideal and staking out a new relevancy for theatre and the artists who make it within the fabric of our society.

Now in its 24th year, The Foundry is an ongoing performance of ideas — created by rigorous theatrical works, public dialogues and community engagement — that invites as many people as possible to consider what it means to be citizens of a world that we ourselves create.

(Source: Foundry Theatre Mission)

Photo by Julieta Cervantes

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