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Opportunities: Vanishing Performance Festival (New Orleans, LA) Deadline – October 1, 2019

Vanishing Performance Festival (The Mudlark Public Theatre, New Orleans, LA) November 22-24 2019
Deadline: October 1
Online Application:
Fee to Participate or Apply: Free

Description Of Opportunity:

The 2019 Vanishing Performance Festival is seeking submissions for participation in the festival’s second year. It will take place in New Orleans, LA November 22-24 2019.

The festival seeks to highlight experimental and boundary-pushing work across a multi-dsciplinary definition of performance including, but not limited to: performance art, dance, theatre, sound art, and video.

This year’s festival is themed ‘(trans)formations.’ Artists are asked to submit work around the ways in which we ‘form’ new ideas, perspectives, experiences, concepts, and ways of being. in what ways do we ‘trans-‘, as that prefix suggests a ‘going beyond,’ the limits that have been placed on the imagination? How does this process manifest in the individual, in space, in collectives, in the natural world, in objects? etc.

Submissions should be 20-35 minutes in duration. Durational work of 1 hour or longer will be considered on a case by case basis.

Include in your submission:

Artist/Collective Name

Location (where are you based?)

Description of work (including duration)

A brief artist bio

Samples of work (photos, video, audio)

Send submissions to [email protected]

The Vanishing Festival is a grassroots DIY festival that has been created out of a need for space to exhibit peformance work which is otherwise considered marginal to the art world. The festival has no funding and, therefore, cannot at this time provide much other than a welcoming community, a space to perform, and an enormous respect for you and your work. Artists will split the money that is made on admission to the festival. A crowdfunding campaign will be initiated soon which will go partially to the venue (an essential and important DIY theatre space) and partially artists who have travel costs.

The festival selection will prioritize LGBTQ and POC artists. The festival highly values local atrists and encourages local New Orleans artists to submit work as well as national and international artists.

Deadline: October 1st

[email protected]

The Vanishing Performance Festival is produced/curated by Cypress Atlas as an act of love and a call to collective power to transform and shape space and to re-claim imagination.

How To Apply:

Send your submission to [email protected]

Contact Email:[email protected]

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