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Regional Editors

In Contemporary Performance’s 3rd year, we’ve expanded our coverage with the introduction of Regional Editors. These Editors are a mix of artists, scholars and curators from around the world. If you would like to become a Regional Editor, please fill out the form at this link.


Regional Editors:

[social-bio id=169]

[social-bio id=170]

[social-bio id=171]

[social-bio id=172]

[social-bio id=173]

[social-bio id=174]

[social-bio id=175]

[social-bio id=176]

[social-bio id=177]

[social-bio id=178]

[social-bio id=179]

[social-bio id=180]

[social-bio id=181]

[social-bio id=182]

[social-bio id=183]

[social-bio id=184]

[social-bio id=185]

[social-bio id=186]

[social-bio id=188]

[social-bio id=189]

[social-bio id=190]

[social-bio id=191]

[social-bio id=192]

[social-bio id=193]

[social-bio id=194]

[social-bio id=195]

[social-bio id=196]

[social-bio id=197]

[social-bio id=198]

[social-bio id=199]

[social-bio id=200]

[social-bio id=201]

[social-bio id=202]

[social-bio id=203]

[social-bio id=204]

[social-bio id=205]

[social-bio id=206]


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