Author: Rachel Karp

In Performance: Gordon/Artman/Fish, Acquanetta (PROTOTYPE)

Upon entering the auditorium in the Gelsey Kirkland Arts Center, the audience is met with a larger-than-life projection screen. Its big size makes a big impact--as does its light color amidst the rest of the stage, which seems shallow and dark. But there are hidden depths to that stage and they surprise throughout Acquanetta, an opera inspired by a 1940s actress of the same name who kept much of h...

In Performance: Chapman/Sirna-Frest, Welcome to the Gun Show (Exponential Festival)

Welcome to the Gun Show: a Chekhovian Song Cycle Julia Sirna-Frest/Shane Chapman/Patrick Vassel Exponential Festival, Slipper Room January 14-15 Composers Julia Sirna-Frest and Shane Chapman lit up the Slipper Room in Welcome to the Gun Show, an hour-long set of original songs with lyrics exclusively from Chekhov’s writings. Before diving in, Sirna-Frest explained the concept behind the set and in...

In Performance: Neal Medlyn, I HEART PINA (American Realness)

I <3 PINA Neal Medlyn American Realness, Abrons Arts Center January 11-16 “I feel weird about Pina Bausch and I feel weird about dance and I feel weird about romance and I feel weird about being a fan. I’m mainly interested in two things from Pina Bausch’s work: fandom and romance.” So starts the program note to Neal Medlyn’s I <3 PINA, words that are also projected during the performance. B...

In Performance: Ikechukwu Ufomadu, Ike’s Wonderful World of Leisure (Exponential Festival)

Ike’s Wonderful World of Leisure Ikechukwu Ufomadu Exponential Festival, Vital Joint January 12-13, 2018 Comic entertainer Ikechukwu Ufomadu breaks all the rules in his one-man lecture performance, Ike’s Wonderful World of Leisure. All the rules for giving effective presentations, that is. He moves through his presentation at a slow pace; he walks in front of the projector so that the ...

In Performance: Andrew Schneider, AFTER (Under the Radar)

AFTER Andrew Schneider Under the Radar, The Public Theater January 4-14, 2018 Without warning, the audience is plunged into darkness. So beings AFTER, created by the OBIE-winning Andrew Schneider in collaboration with Alessandra Calabi, Bobby McElver, and Alicia ayo Ohs. For AFTER, the creative team set out to make the truest blackout it could, and it succeeds to an extent that feels impossible in...

Mixed Reality Performance: In Conversation with Yehuda Duenyas

The Contemporary Performance Think Tank is housed in the John Wells Directing Program MFA at Carnegie Mellon University’s School Of Drama under the direction of Caden Manson. Each year the Think Tank focuses on a set of topics concerning the fields of Theater and Contemporary Performance and conducts research and interviews to produce a paper as a resource for practitioners. This year’s topic is c...

Have You Heard About Mixed Reality Performance?

As technology continues to invade and evolve our lives, so too does it continue to invade and evolve our theater. While seeing technology on stage is nothing new, more and more theater-makers are investigating entirely new forms of performance that completely revolve around high-tech modes and devices.

In Performance: Opening Night – Genesis Breyer P-Orridge (PICA TBA 2017)

Opening Night of Portland Institute for Contemporary Art’s 2017 Time Based Arts festival kicked off with a performance by ground-breaking artist Genesis Breyer P-Orridge. As guests connected with old friends and new ones and waited in line for food and/or drink (from festival-friendly food trucks and bar stands), they were treated to P-Orridge’s brilliant spell. Sitting in a plush white chair that...

In Performance: Matt Marks and Paul Peers, Mata Hari (Prototype Festival)

Matt Marks and Paul Peers Mata Hari January 5-7 and 11-14 at 7pm January 8 at 2pm PROTOTYPE HERE Arts Center 145 6th Ave Mata Hari tells the story of historical figure Mata Hari, a dancer/courtesan who was executed by the French during WWI for being a German spy. When we first see Mata Hari, she is decked in jewels and a beautiful gown—a dancer in full glory. But the glory lasts only a moment, as ...

In Performance – Lisa Clair, What’s YOUR Problem? (SFX)

Lisa Clair What’s YOUR Problem? // A Deep Space Lounge Act January 6th at 8pm SFX The Wild Project 195 E 3rd St Once Lisa Clair went deaf in one ear. But did it mean she had a disease, or was it a sign of alien invasion? Clair explores both options and more in “What’s YOUR Problem?” a space-oriented cabaret that features personal stories, takes on classic sci-fi movie scene...

In Performance – Yehuda Duenyas, CVRTAIN (COIL 2017)

Yehuda Duenyas CVRTAIN January 3 5-7pm January 4-6 12-6pm January 10-15 12-6pm COIL 2017 151 Gallery 132 West 18th St CVRTAIN Employee: Have you ever had a VR experience before? Me: Not really. CVRTAIN Employee: It’s okay. This was my first, too. As the above exchange illustrates, the people working at CVRTAIN are extremely nice. They welcome you in, explain what’s going to happen, and guide you a...

In Performance: Tina Satter/Half Straddle, Ghost Rings (American Realness)

Tina Satter/Half Straddle Ghost Rings Sunday, January 8, 10:00pm Monday, January 9, 2:30pm and 8:30pm Tuesday, January 10, 2:30pm American Realness Abrons Arts Center, Playhouse 466 Grand Street A neon outline of a ghost and a heart hangs above the audience of Tina Satter/Half Straddle’s Ghost Rings, being remounted in Abrons Arts Center’s Playhouse for American Realness. This mix of pop art and w...

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