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$5000 of $5000

Donate Now (Deadline August 31, 2016)

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Help save the Contemporary Performance Network! The network is going on its 6th year and we have outgrown our hosting on Ning (where the network is located). Recently our hosting provider changed the fees for their services and now wants to charge us $400 US a month for all the memory we are using. With our 7200 members in 81 countries we have grown beyond what our current host can provide and $400 a month will mean we have to delete the network (AND WE DON’T WANT TO DO THAT).

We see this as an opportunity to move and redesign the network and expand the functionality of the site. We need to raise $5000 to pay a developer to help us move and update the site to our own hosting platform. With these funds we will also be able to expand the functionality for our members. We plan to:

  • Move and combine the network and blog on one beautiful and fast site
  • upgrade our member calendar features and blog
  • upgrade our search functionality so you can connect to others in your field, country, or city
  • upgrade our opportunities section
  • add a portfolio section
  • upgrade the integration and reach of our social media (10K Twitter, 72K Facebook) for our members.

Give! Any amount will help. A little as $5 goes a long way. We don’t have much time until we loose the site. We have until the end of the month! Please help keep the vital resource for artists alive. Thank you!!!

Thank You For Donating:
Beloved Boy Chokra, Nathalie Fari, Paulo Alves Artinprocess, Marcella Vans, Alessandro Sciarroni, Marco Valerio Amico, James Goodkind, Theatre Revelation / John Sinner, Dagny Gioulami, Robert, Kelly Bond, Kathleen Kelley, Colin Gee, Anna Lindemann, Adam J. Thompson, Sarah Bay-Cheng, L Stinger, Francisco Blanes, Miriam Felton-Dansky, Elizabeth Spreen, John Scott, Timothy McCain, Anna Gallagher-Ross, Xin Hui Ong, Sherry Dobbin, Lisa Clair, Anne Hamilton, Ilaria Mancia, Martine Shackerley-Bennett, Kaveh Hedayatifar, Mark Hawkins, Jay Scheib, HL Hazuka, Janice Perry, Neil Orts, Marcus Linden, George Lugg, Bill Skaleski, Daniel Sack, Yon Tande, Nark Lawes, Heather Denyer, Susana, Anna Valeska Pohl, Justin Christopher, Edward Stresen-Reuter, Helene Lesterlin, Andrew Lee Dolan, Alan Tollefsen, Vanessa Nowitzki, Christine Bonanza, Denise Luccioni, Jais Gossman, Mark C. Hewitt, Rainer Pagel, Kevin R. Jones, Joseph Silovsky, Linda Austin, Emily Batlan, Maya Moore Adamidou, Corinne Spencer, Camila Santo, LUCKY TRIMMER, Patricia Lyons, Richard Huw Morgan, Bernard, Ralf Remshardt, Alexis Budd, Shandoah Goldman, Annalaura Alifuoqco, Walter Dundervill, Robert Kitchens, Heather Litteer, Nicholas J Ericsson, Jay Wegman, Federico Hewson, Marc Arthur, Leslie Tamaribuchi, Josh Abrams & Jen Parker-Starbuck, Matthew Watkins, Margo Gray, Tara Fatehi Irani, Stephen Robins, Kevin Doyle, Ben Gansky, Annette Arlander, Maida Withers, Sva Li Levy, Antonio Jes˙s de la Fe Guedes, Masayuki Okahara, Joya ScottJack Dentinger, Vanda Almeida, Teater Fusentast, Eleanor Bishop, Sven Ortel, Jacqueline van de Geer, Nuri, mark jeffery, David Buuck, James Findlay, Jacob Gallagher-Ross, Mark Alexander Underman, David Commander, Peter Sander, Tom Sellar, Brian Bauman, Mauri Walton, Shok Han Liu, Jed Allen Harris, Kings Fountain, Rasmus M. Skov, Christopher Bildrik, Svend E Kristensen, Nena SylviaToy,Gideon Lester, DEBORAH CLAIRE PROCTER, Shawn Sides, Andressa Furletti Bomfim, Eric Wiley, Justin Vivian Bond

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