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Isidro López-Aparicio iLA






visual artist, action art, installation, conceptual art, social art, social engaged art



Isidro López-Aparicio (Andalucía, 1967)

From the outset the work and life of López-Aparicio have shown a markedly political and social character. He tries to condense into his projects the instability of nature and humanity itself, in a constant process of change, obliging us to pause for a moment to reflect on the futility of what surrounds and shapes us. With a significant international presence, this social activist has successfully avoided being pigeon-holed so as to develop, using art as an element of reflection and social commitment, a solid foundation and professional recognition, participating assiduously in international fairs and engaging in numerous international and collective interventions in all five continents: from the Tate (United Kingdom) to Darat al Funun (Aman, Jordan), by way of GAM Galleria d’Arte Moderna di Palermo (Italy) and the ARTIUM in Vitoria, etc.

Doctor of Fine Arts, Master in Enviromental Management, senior lecturer at the University of Granada, Honorary President of the Fine Art European Forum, editor at the Journal for Artistic Research, Chair of
the Union of Artists and honor of the Fine Art European Forum, member of the Peace and Conflict Research Institute. He has curated numerous international festivals and exhibitions with artists of widespread renown, mainly in
the social realm. Member of the Artist Pension Trust. Director of the CECImagen research group and founder of LIberis Artium Universitas; he
has given talks and run seminars, and curated international festivals and exhibitions throughout the world.

Performance Discipline

Action Art

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