Big Art Group (NYC)

In Print: Yale Theater Journal Publishes Scripts of Big Art Group and Nature Theater of Oklahoma

Nature Theater of Oklahoma’s Romeo and Juliet and Big Art Group’s SOS have been published in the new issue of Theater Journal. The issue focuses on the changing nature of playwriting, the impact of the economic crisis on theater in the US and Grotowski’s anniversary in Poland. Below is a quote from the editor, Tom Sellar, about the published texts and the larger issue of publishing new playwriting. Is all writing for the stage necessarily playwriting? What should we call the collection and arrangement of found texts — a strategy embraced by the first Internet generation, raised on pastiche and now testing its capacities onstage? Or words created by some process of research, improvisation, or collaboration that — deliberately or unknowingly — disregards constituent element...

Digest: Jan 12 – 22, 2010

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