Caleb Hammons

Catch up with the Performance Lab Podcast Season 2

The SLC Performance Lab is produced by and the Sarah Lawrence College MFA Theatre Program. Each month a visiting artist to the MFA Theatre Program's Grad Lab is interviewed. Grad Lab is one of the core components of the program where graduate students work with guest artists and develop group-generated performance pieces monthly. This year we interviewed 9 Artists, Organizers, and Curators.

In Performance: Jeff Larson, Andrew Dinwiddie and Caleb Hammons’s CATCH 57 (Brooklyn, NY)

Jeff Larson, Andrew Dinwiddie and Caleb Hammons CATCH 57 8pm Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 June at The Bushwick Starr purchase at CATCH is a hydra-headed, multi-disciplinary, rough and ready performance series-event that whirls through Brooklyn every couple of months. CATCH is curated with delicate irreverence by Jeff Larson, Andrew Dinwiddie and Caleb Hammons. CATCH 57 Saturday, June 29 & 30 at 8pm get a ticket while you can! featuring: Beth Gill Karinne Keithley Syers Madelyn Kent Object Collection Molly Poerstel Keith Skretch Sam Stonefield Gillian Walsh Anna Foss Wilson The Bushwick Starr: 207 Starr Street between Irving and Wyckoff BROOKLYN L to Jefferson