In Performance – Yehuda Duenyas, CVRTAIN (COIL 2017)In Performance – Yehuda Duenyas, CVRTAIN (COIL 2017)

In Performance – Yehuda Duenyas, CVRTAIN (COIL 2017)

Yehuda Duenyas CVRTAIN January 3 5-7pm January 4-6 12-6pm January 10-15 12-6pm COIL 2017 151 Gallery 132 West 18th St CVRTAIN Employee: Have you ever had a VR experience before? Me: Not really. CVRTAIN Employee: It’s okay. This was my first, too. As the above exchange illustrates, the people working at CVRTAIN are extremely nice. They welcome you in, explain what’s going to happen, and guide you around like you’re a star. And really, you are. CVRTAIN is a VR experience in which you put on a headset and stand center stage in a huge theater in front of an audience of thousands. The theater and audience are virtual, but your actions, aided by two sensors that act as hands, produce seemingly real responses. A curtsey for the audience – nothing. A rousing wave of the hand – thunderous applause....