The Exponential Festival

In Performance: Claire Moodey/Lacy Post, femme pathos (Exponential Festival)

With courageous and unassuming candor, Claire Moodey walks onto the Brick Theater stage and plays us a voicemail from her mother. It is surprisingly long, rather upbeat, and circles in loops of logic that are challenging to keep up with. We hear a mother’s gentle love--she’s calling her daughter to say hi, report on hometown goings-on, see if she needs anything--and we also hear an earnest absurdity as sentences run-on and she jumps too quickly from topic to topic.

In Performance: Christina Pitter, Decolonizing My Vagina (The Exponential Festival)

Decolonizing My Vagina Christina Pitter The Exponential Festival, JACK Jan 8-29, 2017 Decolonizing My Vagina is a 75-minute show written and performed by The Ashe Collective’s Christina Pitter and directed by Jordana De La Cruz. At the top of the show, Pitter asks the audience, “Where does freedom live in your body?” She then makes her intentions clear: this performance is a ritual for her to unpack her own desires. Pitter centers her experience as a person of color and locates her attraction to white people as a site to investigate, reconcile, and heal. Through story, song, and movement Pitter chronicles many experiences with past white lovers and partners. The audience learns about a man she loved and his wife, the woman she knew she only had a couple months with, and many other people w...

In Performance: Deepali Gupta, Over(Reverberating) (The Exponential Festival)

Over(Reverberating) is a live-performance of selected songs from Deepali Gupta’s 2017 album of the same name. Between each song, Deepali shares snippets of stories inviting the audience into a recent break-up and the resulting manic episode that inspired and fueled the album. Each song is a stark and haunting plunge into Deepali’s psyche with just her voice and no instrumental support. Deepali uses rhyme and repetition to understand herself. Her lyrics seem to result from associative word games that pull the audience in for a brisk hour-long experience.