In Performance: Forced Entertainment – The Coming Storm (Vienna, Austria)

The Coming Storm Forced Entertainment Tanzquartier Wien 5.10.-6.10.2012 Vienna, Austria     In this new work Forced Entertainment – international innovators of contemporary theatre – tangle and cross-cut multiple stories to make a compelling and unstable performance. From love and death to sex and laundry, from shipwrecks to falling snow, personal anecdotes rub shoulders with imaginary movies, and half-remembered novels bump into distorted fairytales. Using a method as inventive as it is absurd, six performers create, collaborate, ambush and disrupt this epic saga that is resolutely too big for the stage. The result is comical, contradictory and poignant; full of wrongheaded tricks, broken dances, sleazy drum interruptions and perfunctory piano accompaniment – featuring live musi...

In Performance: Night of the bruts (Vienna, Austria)

Night of the bruts various artists Brut Wien 28.9.2012 Vienna, Austria Doris Uhlich – Night of the bruts © Daniel Gottschling As the saying goes, there’s life in the old dog yet: after a lengthy one-year deep sleep, the long performance & dance night has awakened to become the vibrant Night of the bruts. The old brut box is crammed from the cellar to the ceiling with installations, videos and performances. From 7 pm into the early morning hours, artists and collectives connected with brut are called to present themselves or to have themselves immortalised in individual portraits. In this context, as always you may not only look forward to insights into and outlooks upon future productions: special intimate and private moments will be shared everywhere from the workshop to the bac...

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