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Featured: Lindy Annis (Berlin, Germany)

Lindy Annis

Lindy Annis Lindy Annis was born in Boston, U.S.A. She studied acting and theater at New York University (Experimental Theatre Wing): Bachelor of Arts/Drama. She moved to Berlin, Germany where she works as performance artist, theater author and other related roles.

She has worked with such people as Tim Miller, The Wooster Group, Yoshiko Chuma & the School of Hard Knocks, Anne Bogart, Detektor, Xavier Le Roy, Antonia Baehr, Dr. Motte, Kurt Palm, Frieder Butzmann, Marie Goyette, Hans Peter Kuhn, Nicholas Bussmann, and others.

Since January 2009 she sits on the board of the Milchhof Artist’s Working Collective.

Performance Works:

Warburgs Memo – 2008
My Ulysses – 2007
Nom d’une Pipe – 2006/2007
Lady Hamiltons Attitudes – 2004
SHORTS – 2002
An American Tragedy – 2004
Salome 7 – 1998
The Paternoster Triology – 1990-1992
SEX – 2005
ARCADIA – 2006


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