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Featured: DasArts School (Amsterdam, Holland)

Master of Theatre (MTh)

DasArts is the international Master of Theatre programme, part of ‘de Theaterschool’ of the Amsterdam School of the Arts (AHK). We offer a unique training laboratory for professionals in the field of the performing arts, within the framework of internationally recognized Master qualifications.

DasArts offers a question-based course of study that stimulates the development of individual artistic ambitions. The entire trajectory focuses upon the achievement of these individual goals as defined by the student at the beginning of the course.

The Master of Theatre curriculum consists of 4 semesters:
2 of these semesters are mainly collective programmes presented in a compact ‘Block format’ with workshops, lectures, activities and assignments composed by one or more external curator(s); the other 2 semesters are individually designed and dedicated to personal research or the realisation of a Master Proof.
DasArts defines itself as a challenging environment and engages itself deeply in following the development of its students. DasArts students are responsible, ready to share and discuss their work, open for unexpected views and experiences.

DasArts is located in a historic school building near the Oosterpark in Amsterdam, offering plenty of space with studios, working rooms, a library and a kitchen.

The Curriculum

A DasArts curriculum is based on individuality and renewal. Before starting the study course, each DasArts artist portrays his/her individual artistic ambitions in the Intake procedure. In contrast to ‘classic’ study courses and the existing residency programmes and production opportunities, DasArts offers a unique combination of personal responsibility and institutional challenge, individuality and mutual stimulation. The student’s study trajectory can be focused on the achievement of his/her own artistic ambitions thanks to the flexible and unique environment that DasArts provides. A wide range of artistic experts is part of the DasArts network and is available for individual coaching during the study.


During the Autumn Semester one (or more) guest curators design a so-called Block. The guest curator is a prominent figure from the art world who – in collaboration with the DasArts team – develops the ten-week, fulltime programme based on his/her specific expertise and passion. Each Block is unique and relates art practice to current developments in society. The DasArts student is offered the opportunity to relate to innovative theatrical expressions and is invited to articulate his/her own artistic standpoint. Recurring elements in all Block programmes are voyages both physical and mental, workshops, lectures, internal artistic try-outs and sessions for individual feedback and precise criticism.


During the Spring Semester the student conducts an Individual Trajectory (IT) or Master Proof. The first two weeks of this semester are reserved for the ‘Contextual’. The ‘Contextual’ is a collective programme developed by the students and DasArts. In contrast to the ‘Block’, the ‘Contextual’ takes its departure point from the artistic views of the students. The ‘Contextual’ takes place in the first two weeks of the spring semester. The ‘Contextual’ is attuned each year to the projects of the current participants and urgent aspects of the study programme.

Individual Trajectory

The student is expected to conduct a research stemming from personal fascination for a particular subject matter. This research is known as the Individual Trajectory (IT) and takes place during a Spring Semester.

Master Proof

In the fourth semester, the study is rounded off with a Master Proof. The student designs an independent project ascertaining his or her artistic ambition. The Master Proof is executed in accordance with the participant’s personal motives as were described in the intake and are redefined each semester.

During the Individual Trajectory and the Master Proof, the student receives individual supervision from an advisor (a prominent person in the art world) who closely follows the student’s development.



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