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Emerging: Implied Violence (Seattle, Washington)

(from the artists’ website) Implied Violence makes plays that are not plays. We make theatre that may or may not be theatre. We generate pieces that are rooted in an internal logic and rigid structure that audiences may or may not understand. However, our work does not beg to be understood. We don’t care to be understood, to understand is to lie.

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Implied Violence is an intimate, intelligent, connected group of emerging artists who create work with and for one another. We are mercurial youngsters with style and wit. We keep secrets and speak in code.

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No Friends, Only Enemies
Strike Through – Dateless Oblivion and Divine Repose
Our Summary In Sequence: Eat, Fight, Fuck
Our Summary In Sequence: Versus
Our Summary In Sequence: Barley Girl9/11 – The Clown Show
One Pot + Implied Violence
The Belmont
Come To My Center You Enter The Winter
In Between More And More History
I confess. I need these confections. I can’t go to sleep.
The Air Is Peopled With Cruel And Fearsome Birds
Cupcakes, Cupcakes, Yes And More Cupcakes
Die Wandlung
Everything Without Exception
4:48 Psychosis
All Sleep Here
Vertebrae Theatre


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