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Announcement: The End of The Knowers & PERFORM- The Theatrical Situation (Norway)

Workshop platform with performance- and seminar program

Teaterhuset Avant Garden
Trondheim Norway
between 10th -13th of Feb. 2010

when it is as it was where it was before it was
(Performance program)
11-12 Feb at Teatehuset Avant Garden and DORA Dokk 1/2

when it is as it was where it was before it was

“Once upon a time the theatre was the place were stories of the society was told. Spellbound by this magical space created by lights and acting the audience felt closeness as well as alienation towards the appearance of the performance. At some point the frame of the theatre came down, and theatre was taken to the streets, and turned acting into means of communicating trough the open gesture, playing with the spectators feedback and making the audience take part of the work, or just played her a trick. The theatre was transforming everything; from reality, via politics to the mundane and the inner feelings. The theatre became an open space for performing our self, as well as our surroundings. Today it has left us with these traces, but the stakes are different, even if the stage is the same. It is as we perform these traces in most parts of our lives, we all play our part and live our lives, either every action is an indispensable lie or a decisive truth, or in fact both, in this world of theater.”

PERFORM- The Theatrical Situation
10-11 Feb at Teatehuset Avant Garden

“The last decade’s artists seem to have an interest in the performative side of their art production. Whereby one emphasize the situation and how it communicate towards the spectator, and how it is both embedded in reality as well as producing reality. Many theatre reformers throughout history have discussed the public’s experience and role; is the audience active or passive? The problem with this discussion is that it is based on the assumption of the mastering performer and the ignorant audience. How can the theatre be used as a site to turn this around and refine the relationship between performer and spectator?”

The workshop platform presents young artists from any art- discipline. Despite of that they work with different mediums and diverse content, they share a heightened awareness and mutual interest in the actual situation where the artwork/performance is situated. That is the performative aspect of the artwork/performance and the presentation of it. Therefore they pay special attention to how the situation is constructed, how it is embedded in the real as well how it produces realities. This being so these artists takes the ambivalent and complex role of the spectator, the theatrical situation in an actual or a metaphorical way, under consideration. Furthermore the performative perspective informs these situations on a broader cultural, social understanding and thus economical and political dimensions resonate through them. Finally there is no interest in pointing out a general performative strategy as such, but rather use it as a tool to inform and challenge the participants own practices as well at looking at the particular tactics of each artists in the workshop.

The workshop platform will be staged as a three day event. The workshop is self- organized by the participants. The public program consists of performances by the participants and public lectures by invited guests.

Knut Ove Arntzen (No) Per Ananiassen (No)
Rickard Borgström (Fi/Se) Arne Skaug Olsen (No)

Daniel AlmgrenRecén (Se) Lina Berglund (Se) Azra Halilovic (No)
David Lamignan Larsen (No) Hans Rosenström (Fi)
Und er libet- Anna Mari Karvonen, Heidi Lind, Masi Tiitta (Fi)
Dölsie- Sara Mathiasson, Sofia Restorp (Se)

Jacques Ranciére (Fr) Mårten Spångberg (Se)

Additional program:
D.O.R- Sverre Gullesen, Steinar H Kristensen, Kristian Øverland Dahl (No)
Kvartzkompaniet (No) Erkka Nissinen (Fi) Erik Pirolt (No) SkRR Kollektivet (No)
Production: PERFORM- A Nordic Workshop Platform
Co- Production: Teaterhuset Avant Garden
Support: Arts Council Norway, Arkivsenteret, FRAME- Finnish Fund for Art Exchange,
Helsinki Kaupunki, HIAP- Helsinki International Artists- In- Residence Program, Nordic Culture Point Mobility, SkRR Kollektivet with Klubb Kanin & Teks, The City of Trondheim, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee International Dance

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