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In Performance: Nicole Beutler – 1: Songs

Nicole Beutler
1: Songs

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Nicole Beutler’s work exists on a plane where dance, performance and visual art meet. For her latest performance she is even adding another genre; 1: Songs takes the shape of a pop concert. In an exceptionally powerful performance by Sanja Mitrovic, we examine a series of different dramatic characters. Mitrovic moves from urgent whispering, engaging singing and furious screaming to provocative dancing. Like a true rock diva she performs her songs, letting it rip as she opens an impressive range of emotions. Each song is inspired by a tragic female figure from theatre history. Mitrovic is therefore not only performing a series of songs, but also the sufferings and cries from the heart of Gretchen, Antigone, Medea, and other (anti-) heroines. In 1: Songs Beutler links the theatre’s past with present day reality.

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