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In Performance: Tere O’Connor Dance – Wrought Iron Fog June 23-26, 2010 (NYC,USA)

Tere O’Connor Dance presents “Wrought Iron Fog” at Dance Theater Workshop, June 23-26, 2010.

Photo by Yi-Chun Wu Matthew Rogers, Hilary Clark, Daniel Clifton, Heather Olson, Erin Gerken

Photo by Yi-Chun Wu Matthew Rogers, Hilary Clark, Daniel Clifton, Heather Olson, Erin Gerken


Tere O’Connor’s new evening-length work, Wrought Iron Fog, engages in a poetic interface with the convoluted ideologies of contemporary culture. Its richly layered structure flows through unexpected shifts in rhythm and mood, revealing interior psychologies ghosted behind the surface of the dance. With this work, O’Connor has created a choreographic essay on the nature of consciousness, a complex network of disparate ideas willfully wrapped in a patina of concert dance. The New York Times writes, “Mr. O’Connor seems to be charting new territory in “Wrought Iron Fog.” Much of its unassuming beauty is seen in his agility at guiding dancers through space (or is it the space that guides them?), with choreography that allows the structure to expand and shrink with a curious blend of dexterity and fervor.” Wrought Iron Fog features an original score by James Baker, lighting design by Michael O’Connor, and set design by Walter Dundervill and Tere O’Connor. The work is performed by Hilary Clark, Daniel Clifton, Erin Gerken, Heather Olson, and Matthew Rogers. Wrought Iron Fog premiered at Dance Theater Workshop in New York City, November 2009. (65-minutes)



In his work, O’Connor attempts to bring into evidence aspects of consciousness that are present in the contingencies of dance. The complex coexistence of time passing, metaphor, constant change, tangential thought, and memory play is central to the work and delineates the spectrum of corporeal and structural choices he makes in his work. He is committed to the power of dance as a sub-linguistic area of expression and revels in its ability to braid together the personal and the universal.

O’Connor’s astounding performers and renowned collaborators constitute a family of artists who are dedicated to expanding the potency of dance as a serious art form. His boldly individualist approach to choreography has contributed new thought to the form and resonates throughout its theoretical discourse.


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