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In Performance: Gisèle Vienne – This is how you will disappear

Gisèle Vienne – This is how you will disappear:

Everything starts in a forest. Extremely natural, inhabited by a buzzard in feathers and bones, this wooded landscape is staged like the reflection of the interior experiences of the characters who cross it. Depending on the light, mist and sound atmosphere, the metamorphosis capacity of the place is astonishing, following the example of the feelings driving the spectators, which go from harmony to danger, from the experience of beauty to anxiety in front of nature. It is through the spectacle of the forest that each individual dialogues with his private impressions, sometimes the most secret, like an entry into oneself, both individual and collective. But the forest is alive, full of tales, images, fantasies, forest myths as familiar as they are disturbing. Three figures soon spring up, including two archetypal beauties of today, post-adolescent idols: the young athlete, the perfection of appearances, and the rock star, the suicidal aura of ruin. Between the two of them: the trainer, the value of authority, of the taming of the body, suddenly confronted by primitive impulses and chaos. Every thing here is contained in contradiction, in the disturbing virtue of opposites and works on this tension that the show makes the spectators feel emotionally, physically and aesthe?tically. Changing visions of nature, passing in a breath, in a ray of light or a trace of smoke, from well-being to fear. Situations varying from one extreme to the other, from serenity to the most brutal murder. As an expert in perturbation, Gisèle Vienne composes images of a world in constant motion, from the imperceptible evolution to the most destructive chaos. It is over the forest that we see this, in the wood that we hear everything. Rarely has tree foliage been so revelatory as in this nature-driven theatre. ADB

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