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Featured: Yves-Noel Genod (Paris, France)

Yves-Noel Genod

After training as an actor in the school of Antoine Vitez Theatre National de Chaillot, Yves-Noel Genod working with Claude Regy , Francois Tanguy at the Raft Theatre of Le Mans, and Julie Brochen for ‘ The Living Corpse ‘of Tolstoy . He also studied at the dance on various courses and workshops, in particular addressing improvisation and performance with Mark Tomkins and Julyen Hamilton , classical dance with Wayne Byars . man of the theater , dancing on occasion, it is the interpreter choreographer Loïc Touze . Director since 2003, he created numerous iconoclastic border of the show, the performance, theater and dance, like ‘ Dior is not God , ‘the one-man shows ‘Pending Genod’ and ‘ To finish with Claude Regy ‘and’ The Dispariteur ‘, the name of the company he founded. This piece is played partly in total darkness. In 2009, he returned to Chaillot and submit to the Studio of Yves-Noel Genod ‘. What was originally meant to be a solo dance results in a piece for five dancers inspired by a project ‘Ballet homeless’ and show ‘Blektre “created in 2007 on a text by Nathalie Quintane. Practicing the art of balancing between staging and improvisation, Yves-Noel Genod put his theater in question in each of his creations’ unpremeditated ‘, bringing together artists from different backgrounds. Alert to keep a greater freedom to actors , he has fully that which is given to shape his dreams.

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  • Meanwhile Genod, at Nantes in 2003
  • To finish with Claude Regy, one-man show presented at Aubervilliers in November 2004
  • A Season in Hell
  • Z’avatars a current show, presented at Nantes in a unique place in March 2005
  • Dior is not God, presented in April 2005 at the festival below 100 to above La Villette in Paris
  • Tribute to Catherine Diverrès presented in Choreographic Centre Rennes in October 2005
  • The Dispariteur, presented for the first time at the Glass Menagerie in Paris in November 2005 , show in the dark
  • Dictionary Azores presented at the festival Artdanthé to Vanves in 2006
  • Barracuda presented in Choreographic Centre Montpellier in March 2006
  • Jesus returns to Britain, presented at the festival Agitato at Rennes in May 2006
  • New World introduced in 2006 to the field Chamarande
  • Area of jealousy, presented at the festival ActOral at Marseille in September 2006
  • It runs in the dust rose from Balzac, presented at the Glass Menagerie at Paris in 2006 and resumed in Italian and English in Bologna in 2007
  • The Descent, presented at the Avignon Festival in 2007
  • Mr Villovitch, created the festival ActOral to Marseille in October 2007
  • Blektre of Charles Torris and Nathalie Quintane , created the festival ActOral to Marseilles in October 2007 , resumed in May 2009 at the Theatre National de Chaillot in the show-Yves Noël Genod
  • Hamlet, presented in December 2007 at the festival below 100 to above La Villette in Paris
  • Oh, no woman, no cry presented at the Theatre de Gennevilliers in June 2008
  • Mz Poetry, Liliane Giraudon
  • Felix, dancing in silence, presented in 2008 in a repair shop disused bus Berlin
  • It’s not for the pigs!, In collaboration with Kataline Patkai , presented at the festival Artdanthé to Vanves in February 2009
  • Yves-Noel Genod, presented in May 2009 at the Theatre National de Chaillot , a show in two parts (French, French followed by a resumption of Blektre)
  • Venus and Adonis, after the poem by Shakespeare , presented in June 2009 at the Theatre de Gennevilliers
  • Nothing is so beautiful. Nothing is gay. Nothing is clean. Nothing is rich. Nothing is clear. Nothing is pleasant. Nothing feels good. Nothing is beautiful, presented in March 2010 at the Glass Menagerie in Paris
  • The park interior, presented in July 2010 Status of theater bristles Avignon .


Yves-Noel Genod’s Blog (In French):

le dispariteur

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