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Dimanche Rouge Interview Series: Alexandre Pombo-Mendes, Performance Art

Alexandre Pombo-Mendes is a performer and actor pursuing a Master’s at the French university Paris 8, an institution with a strong tradition in the experimental performing arts as well as in being the French thinktank for groundbreaking philosophical thought including thinkers such as Michel Foucault. Alexandre Pombo-Mendes specializes in playwright Copi. Pombo-Mendes pushes the boundaries by offering improvisational and space-based performances of Copi’s plays.

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Alexandre Pombo-Mendes est performer et acteur; il poursuit ses études en Master à l’Université Paris 8 en France, une institution réputée pour ses formations en arts performatifs et expérimentaux, mais également pour être le leader français des pensées contemporaines révolutionnaires déconstruisant les fondations philosophiques traditionnelles, tout en incluant des penseurs comme Michel Foucault.

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Opie Boero Imwinkelried’s work explores language and technology with a focus on the ancient Roman and Greek worlds in connection with contemporary society. Imwinkelried organizes Dimanche Rouge, an experimental performance art event taking place monthly in Paris, France.
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