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In Performance

In Performance: Fresh Tracks at New York Live Arts (NYC)

In Performance: Fresh Tracks at New York Live Arts (NYC)

Fresh Tracks
New York Live Arts
Dec 7 – 10 at 7:30pm
$20/$16 Advance
$15 Night – Dec 8

The Fresh Tracks Performance and Residency Program, created in 1965 by Dance Theater Workshop, identifies six early career artists to receive comprehensive performance and residency support. The program begins with a showcase performance in the theater followed by a 50-hour creative residency in our studios along with introductory level professional development workshops in marketing, fundraising and career development. Artists also participate in dialogue sessions facilitating open discussion about their creative process and one-on-one consultations, both with Artistic Advisor Levi Gonzalez.

niv Acosta
denzel again
Performed by niv Acosta, Yessenia Acosta, Cason Bolton and Joey Kipp

Hadar Ahuvia
Performed by Hadar Ahuvia

Aretha Aoki
The Turning of Events
Performed by Vanessa Anspaugh, Aretha Aoki, Kristina Dobosz and Line Haddad

Lorene Bouboushian
The White Lady guts flail gluttonous fail
Performed by Lorene Bouboushian

Yanghee Lee
Performed by Yanghee Lee

Saúl Ulerio
an ocean in between
Performed by Saúl Ulerio and Mei Yamanaka

Previous Fresh Tracks artists include: Jeff Duncan (1965), Deborah Jowitt (1968), Wendy Perron (1970), Alice Teirstein (1974), Bill T. Jones (1977), Bebe Miller (1978) Elizabeth Streb (1979), Tere O’Connor (1984), Amy Sue Rosen (1986), Ron Brown (1987), Reggie Wilson (1989), RoseAnne Spradlin (1990), Rosane Chamecki (1991), Maura Ngyuen-Donohue (1995), and more recently, Ivy Baldwin (2000), Jen Rosenblit (2009), and Vanessa Anspaugh (2010).

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Caden Manson is Editor In Chief and Curator of Contemporary Performance Network and co-founder and artistic director of Big Art Group, a New York City performance company founded in 1999.
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