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Featured: Between The Seas Festival of Mediterranean Performing Arts (NYC)

Between the Seas returns to the Wild Project for its second edition that will run from August 20th to the 26th. This year’s program will bring NYC and USA premieres from Israel (Noa Dar and Rachel Erdos with Ido Tadmor), Lebanon (Lina Abiad), and Greece (Olga Pozeli); an exciting collaboration between Denmark’s Mancopy Dance Company with dancers from Egypt, Lebanon and Palestine; NYC-based Turkish choreographer Korhan Basaran, the fierce flamenco performer Rebeca Tomas, Italy’s Celli Contemporary Ballet and more. (Source – Between the Seas Website)

Monday Aug 20:
7pm Rachel Erdos with Ido Tadmor (Dance: Israel) / Flusso Dance Company (US/Italy)

Tuesday Aug 21:
6:30pm: R. Erdos with I. Tadmor (Dance: Israel) /Flusso Dance Company (Dance: US/Italy)
9pm: Olga Pozeli (Theater: Greece)

Wednesday Aug 22:
6:30pm Special event: Screening of The Glass Wall by Mahmood Karimi-Hakak. Free event
9pm: Olga Pozeli (Theater: Greece)

Thursday Aug 23:
7pm: Noa Dar (Dance: Israel) / Celli contemporary Ballet (Dance: Italy)
9pm: Mancopy Dance Company (Dance: Denmark/Egypt/Palestine/Lebanon) / Sublime Dance Company (Dance: US/Albania)

Friday Aug 24:
7pm: Noa Dar (Dance: Israel) / Celli contemporary Ballet (Dance: Italy)
9pm: Mancopy Dance Company (Dance: Denmark/Egypt/Palestine/Lebanon) / Sublime Dance Company (Dance: US/Albania)

Saturday Aug 25:
11am: The Lower East Side Tenement Museum presents: A Visit from Victoria. Tix: $15 (general) $10 (students)
7pm Rebeca Tomas and A Palo Seco (Dance: USA)
9pm: Lina Abiad (Theater: Lebanon)/Sabine Choucair (Storytelling/Lebanon)

Sunday Aug 26:
12-1: Special event: Staged reading of Benedictus by M. Karimi-Hakak. Tix: $10
2pm: Lina Abiad (Theater: Lebanon)/Sabine Choucair (Storytelling/Lebanon)
4pm: Staged Reading of This Time, directed by K. Fahmy. Tix: $10
8:30pm: Korhan Basaran (Dance: US/Turkey)

About Between The Seas:
Between the Seas aims at promoting the representation and understanding of Mediterranean identity and culture in North America. There is at present a growing number of political, cultural and economic institutions, based primarily in Europe, that explore the historical and geographical interconnections between Mediterranean countries and focus on the Mediterranean as a region whose distinct history and culture has the potential to serve as a model for cross-cultural exchange, co-existence and growth. In proposing a festival of Mediterranean performing arts in New York City, one of the world’s largest cultural and intellectual capitals, our goal is to open up this intellectual debate to the other side of the Atlantic and engage North American artists, scholars and audiences in a discussion and understanding of the region’s culture and identity. We want to share the vibrancy of the region’s contemporary artistic production, aspects of which often remain under-represented or inaccessible in North America and celebrate the diversity and dynamism of contemporary Mediterranean culture moving beyond discourses that represent the region in either homogenizing or polarizing terms. (Source – Between the Seas Website)

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