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Highlights: Contact Festival Vienna 25-28.10.2012 (Vienna, Austria)

Contact Festival Vienna
25.10.2012 – 28.10.2012
Vienna, Austria


Irene Sposetti and Johan Nilson – Contact Festival Vienna © Wuk

The organising team, Johannes Benker, Teresa Hunyadi, Sabine Müller, Sabine Parzer and, invites to the first Contact Festival Vienna, Austria. Over three days there will be 4 workshops, 4 labs, a performance evening and jams – with live musicians as well as in silence – and open spaces.

There will be a delicious buffet by Viktoria Kraus, you can sleep on the premises and all of that will happen in the almost historical, but surely thoroughly danced-through spaces of WUK.

Workshop teachers:Eszter Gal, Mokshia Frenzel, Irene Sposetti/ Johan Nilson and Christian Apschner/ maRia Probst

Lab facilitators: Mela Maresch/Lella Heindl, Martin Toman/ Oliver Schrader, Sabine Müller/Katrin Oberrauner and Helena Hrotko/ Greg Chevalier

Improvisation Performance: for teachers and invited guests Saturday night 20:30h, room A (Flieger), entrance 12 Euro (open jam afterwards)



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Christian Margol is an interdisciplinary artist working in the areas of contemporary dance, performance, acting, photography, music and sound. Intensive artistic collaboration in different formats with Futurelove Sibanda (ZM) and the band "Future and The Lovers". Currently based in Vienna (Austria).

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