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In Performance: Joonas Lahtinen – EIN.KÜCHEN.BAU (Vienna, Austria)

Joonas Lahtinen
brut Wien
9.11.2012/10.11.2012/12.11.2012/14.11.2012 – 17.11.2012
Vienna, Austria

Joonas Lahtinen – EIN.KÜCHEN.BAU © Florian Rainer


Life, cooking, working, a home: the fitted kitchen. EIN.KÜCHEN.BAU [A.KITCHEN.CONSTRUCTION] is simultaneously an installation, a performance, and a place of discourse.

How do people live, cook, and work in fitted kitchens, and how do their inhabitants make them their homes? With audiovisual material on the kitchen’s political and aesthetic dimensions, the installation opens up multifaceted spaces of association and reveals an unusual vista onto everyday routines.

In 1926, architect Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky laid the foundation for today’s mass-produced fitted kitchen with the “Frankfurt Kitchen”. Her emancipatory aim: the rational arrangement of normed and affordable furniture was to enable housewives of the era to save both time and energy while doing housework in order that they have more time for other things.

EIN.KÜCHEN.BAU reveals the effects this endeavour for standardisation has had on time management today, on daily movements, and also on the longing for individuality and self-determination.
EIN.KÜCHEN.BAU is installed live in front of the audience and remains accessible for the public during the entire festival. The installation continuously changes, is enlivened, and further equipped.

Concept, artistic direction, performance: Joonas Lahtinen
Production management, dramaturgy: Luzie Stransky
Technology, sound, performance: Andreas Wiesbauer
Stage design: Kerstin Bennier
Video: Deniz Sözen
Feedback: Thomas Jelinek
Voices: Esther Csapo, Harald Jokesch, and many more

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Christian Margol is an interdisciplinary artist working in the areas of contemporary dance, performance, acting, photography, music and sound. Intensive artistic collaboration in different formats with Futurelove Sibanda (ZM) and the band "Future and The Lovers". Currently based in Vienna (Austria).

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