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PAS | Performance Art Studies # 32 on the topic ABSURDITY in Berlin, Germany

PAS #32 | absurdity

12th – 24th August 2013 / Berlin, Germany
in cooperation with grimmuseum

with Arti Grabowski [pl] as guest teacher!

– deadline for applications: 1st August 2013 – 10 places available


Human beings are acting completely absurd and right away, they even speak and write in an absurd way about it. Nobody would doubt this fact and looking over a longer period, nobody really changes it. Why? Absurdity describes something extremely unreasonable. If somebody speaks about a round quadrangle, or immaterial substances, or of a free will, we should not say this person is in an error, but that these words were without meaning, that is to say, absurd.

To consciously work with absurdity is obviously an absurd thing in itself, but it also creates a certain strength which might lead to an image, a situation or atmosphere which we would have never found with a rational or scientific understanding. The potential of absurdity is scary and irritating, but it’s also humorous and since decades artists are using the power of absurdity to bring out magnificent art works through a transformation of reality. There is an amazing freedom in the process of turning the known into the unknown, but also about turning facts into emotions, and if we do it well, it turns finally back into a new reality.

Working method and Strategies
With the guidance and direction of the facilitators, participants will use a variety of
techniques and exercises to focus perception of one’s own personality, develop skills to communicate with the body, and transform ideas into a performative work. Personal perception and experience color and characterize how we communicate and deal with the body in time and space during performance. The main objective of PAStudies is to understand the body as a tool and to use this tool to communicate effectively in performance. Besides the artistic opportunity, PAStudies provide some cultural specials.

PAS | Performance Art Sudies OFFER:
==> to develop an Art Performance with technical, pedagogical and artistically guidance
==> to investigate and work with a variety of performative exercises in various conditions, in- and outdoor which focuses on: body, time, space, concentration, endurance (both in groups and individually) and images.
==> a Final public presentation of the performance (media promotion, poster, mailing) and final celebration
==> Video and photo documentation of the 12-days process and final presentation, made by the PASphotographer
==> publication of the Documentation on PAS website and other Performance Art related websites and blogs
==> Contacts with artists, curators and art institutions in Berlin
==> Meeting and cooperation with other like-minded people from other countries
==> Encounters, lectures and discussions with invited artists
==> Context of the place, history and culture
==> Free accommodation in the Grimmuseum Berlin, Germany

==> The studies are ideal for art students, young artists and all other people who are interested in Performance Art. The range of ages in the past PAStudies was from 13 to 72 and the level of experience isn’t a Criteria for to participate in PAStudies. Usually the group is composed by international artists coming from different backgrounds and different parts of the world.

==> PAStudies takes place at least with 8 participants.
==> Application forms can be requested via e-mail through [email protected] or can be downloaded here.

==> Deadline for applications is 1st of August 2012
==> Teaching language is English
==> Price: 600 € (4.590 NOK, 740 CHF, 2.490 PLN, 790 USD, 510 £) Early Bird: confirmed registrations before the 15th of July 2013, the PAStudies will cost 550€ (4.210 NOK, 670 CHF, 2.290 PLN, 720 USD, 470 £)

==> Price does NOT include TRAVEL COSTS
==> During the 12-day we will have self supply.

more information:

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