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16 – 23 November 2013

LIV Performing Arts Centre Bologna

Teatro Tempio – Festival Ogni mille passi doppi | Andante Modena

The project

Rags of Memory is a project of research and education in the performing arts, created and directed by Instabili Vaganti, whose theme of research is the memory considered as essential part of the human being, as a biological and anthropological condition to one’s own existence. The project explores new ways of artistic expression and theatrical communication through the interaction with other disciplines such as cultural anthropology, visual arts, new media, dance, music and every other artistic form and expression of which man has memory. Rags of Memory is a “creative” artistic project, of contamination and experimentation that combines cultural tradition to innovation and that aims to the re-elaboration and re-definition of a new ritual.

International sessions

International sessions of work are intensive programs of higher education and cultural interchange directed by Anna Dora Dorno and Nicola Pianzola open to visual artists, performers, musicians, video-makers coming from all over the world. During the sessions the international team of participants will work to the creation of artistic materials: physical and vocal actions, installations, musical compositions, artistic videos, set designs, which become essential part of the guide performing structure, created by the director. During the session a part of physical and vocal training directed by the company is organized, moments of exchange and sharing of traditional performing techniques, their re-elaboration and actualization through the contemporary arts, meetings with artists of different disciplines, scholars and anthropologists. In the sessions some events are organized: work demonstrations, study presentations, conferences, meetings of video-photographic presentation of the project, exhibits, installations.

East meets West | IV° international session | Italy – Mexico – South Korea – India

East meets West will be from 16 to 23 November 2013 at LIV Performing Arts Centre of Bologna and in the third edition of the Festival Ogni Mille Passi Doppi | Andante at Teatro Tempio of Modena. The theme of research will be the relation and comparison between East and West, tradition and innovation. The participants, coming from Mexico, South Korea, India, Iran, will reflect upon the theme with their own peculiar artistic abilities in the perspective of an inter-exchange of techniques and languages which aims to the creation of a process of artistic contamination and sharing of languages.

On 23 November 2012 at the end of the session the performance/demonstration of work East meets West will be presented at Teatro Tempio of Modena with the directors of the project Anna Dora Dorno and Nicola Pianzola, the performers participant to the session Park Sun-Young and Francisco Medina, the musician Daniele Bove and with the participation at distance of artists and writers from India and Iran.

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Caden Manson is Editor In Chief and Curator of Contemporary Performance Network and co-founder and artistic director of Big Art Group, a New York City performance company founded in 1999.
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