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◊ MPA-B 2014 | MAY 6 ROUND-UP ◊


Running from 12:00 today and going on until the evening, eleven artists from Latin America will present a broad range of approaches to performance art making, with incursions, actions and street interventions around Berlin. This is part of the LATITUD 32°N/55°S series (May 6, 7, 8) which explores notions, stereotypes and characteristics of “Latinness” and “Latin American Art”. For locations and exact programme check

Today also marks the beginning of the weekly ARTISTIC RESEARCH programme, a four part series which will see MPA-B co-labourers exploring different theories, methods and practices in performance art. Starting from 13:30 and going on until 21:00 at the MPA-HUB (DingDongDom) co-curators Teena Lange and Joel Verwimp invite you to I/IV – DEM GLAUBEN.

And from 19:00 and going on until 23:00, a staggering group of 16 artists coming from Germany, UK, Greece and Iceland will take over the Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik ZK/U) and develop performances and site-specific interventions examining the notions of Labour, Stage and Performance. The premises and public park of ZK/U form the basis for this on-going performative project which depicts productive embodiments in producing processes.

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Caden Manson is Editor In Chief and Curator of Contemporary Performance Network and co-founder and artistic director of Big Art Group, a New York City performance company founded in 1999.
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