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The Red Gloves show info here!

The Red Gloves
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Directed by Billy Schultz & Designed by Genevieve Leloup
Directed by Billy Schultz
Designed by Geneviève Leloup

The Red Gloves Performance Group combines dance, theater and comedy to create a living comic strip that is hilarious, touching, beautiful, and somehow absurdly true.
Their theatrical hijinks combine the rigor of dance, the expression of theater and an indulgent sense of humor that pulls no punches. 

Come see this gang on May 28 & 29 at the Irondale Center as they bring you their unique blend of performance that welcomes the uniqueness of the individual and celebrates the spirit of camaraderie.

Red Glovlies: Becca Bernard, Ariane Bernier, Cassandra Burroughs, Mia Crivello, Marcos Duran, Hannah Labonte, Erica Lindegren, WT McRae, Corinne Robkin, Miguel Suero, Kareem Woods.
Original live music from pianist and composer Amir Khosrowpour.

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Caden Manson is Editor In Chief and Curator of Contemporary Performance Network and co-founder and artistic director of Big Art Group, a New York City performance company founded in 1999.
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