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DUB Leviathan a “scenic dub”

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  • “DUB Leviathan” in short:

    • With “DUB Leviathan”, the Norwegian director Tore Vagn Lid and his company Transiteatret (Tt-B) are experimenting with development and production of Scenic DUB as a new music dramatic genre. Link to essay on DUB Leviathan :
    • During coming seasons (fall 14/spring 15) the “DUB Leviathan” team including musicians, sound designers, dub-organizer, visual artists, actors, animator etc., will have one year production process as a laboratorie – culminating in different performances (DUB-versions) presented in a number of different cities/venues during the 2014-2015.
    • Each “DUB-version” must be taken to mean as metaphor from DUB mix tradition. As it for each version displaces centers of gravity in between the theatrical and music dramatic parameters as dramaturgical strategies. Each version uses same starting point but different perspectives and can be played together or separately.
    • A complete bundle of the DUB-versions will be presented in May 2015 (time and place to be announced).
    • “DUB Leviathan v#1” (JudasDUB) was performed at Stamsund International Theatre Festival in May 2014. Follow this link with samples from the performance:
    • “ Dub Leviathan” does not require a traditional theatre venue – but can and will be presented in different and non-conventional stages depending on context.
    • “DUB Leviathan” is funded by Norwegian Arts Council and is produced by Tt-B.
  • DUB #1 (2) from Transiteatret Bergen on Vimeo

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