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Featured: Contemporary Performance Announces Festival Special Effects 2015

Featured: Contemporary Performance Announces Festival Special Effects 2015

Contemporary Performance announces the festival Special Effects from January 8-10, 2015. The festival consists of artists from the Contemporary Performance Network presenting work at The Wild Project in the East Village. Curated by network editors Caden Manson and Jemma Nelson the four day festival will hold panel and artist events, launch the Contemporary Performance Almanac15 book and throw nightly performance parties in the Wild Project Bar.

Artist driven and oriented, Special Effects gathers experimental performance works by practitioners exploring contemporary issues. Drawing on a network of over 15,000 artists who are part of, the festival samples the the richness of the discipline of performance and presents an open forum for critical thinking on the issues of the day. Tickets are $15.


Institute for New Feeling

JAN 10@11AM,10:30PM

Audience space limited. “group” is a full-sensory live music and video performance that engages audience members in eye contact, cardiovascular, breathing, and physical contact exercises—all techniques pulled directly from research and experience with corporate team building exercises, contact improvisation, Viewpoints training, group meditation, yoga, and sensory deprivation. However, group also plays with the absurd language, commercialism and forced intimacy of corporate team-building programs, allowing participants to be completely engrossed in the experience one minute, and to laugh at themselves in the next. Please be aware that this is a highly interactive experience and there is no sitting on the sidelines. Seating will only provided to audience members with special needs. Participants in a group session should expect an experience more like a movement workshop or yoga class than a simple stage performance. For more info visit and read our group member agreement.


Heather Litteer
Night Bazaar


Heather Litteer curates the opening night party with performative interviews of female legends from the downtown arts scene. Continuing her series of interviews with longtime community members and artists of the East Village, Lower East Side and Brooklyn, these oral histories provide crucial links between threads of performance traditions and offer perspectives on the particular conditions that give rise to urban performance cultures. An open forum, these peer-to-peer discussions between established artists give an insider’s view to “outsider” expression: the struggles, strategies and successes of creating an artist’s life. Heather Litteer is the 2014 recipient of the Fox Foundation Resident Actor Fellowship.


Adrienne Truscott
Asking For It
A One-Lady Rape About Comedy Starring Her Pussy and Little Else

JAN 8@10:30PM, JAN 9@11AM

Adrienne Truscott, one-half of the infamous Wau Wau Sisters, dressed only from the waist up and the ankles down, undresses and dresses down the rules and rhetoric about rape, comedy and the awkward laughs in between. With commentary from George Carlin, Louis C. K. and Robert De Niro, ducks, whistles, and enough gin and tonics to get a girl in trouble, she lets her pussy do the talking. Set to pop music. Can you make jokes about rape? She plans to, all night long. “Truscott is always a step ahead… with firecracker wit, sophistication and luminous humanity.” ★★★★★ Guardian (UK) “A brilliantly bold and thoroughly engaging provocation.” ★★★★ The Times (UK)



Colin Self
Vocal Test

JAN 9@10:30PM

Colin Self is a composer, vocalist, and choreographer living in Brooklyn, NY. His performances explore vocality, corporeality, and familial systems as a site for energetic transformation. Through his performance work, community organization, and personal life, Colin exhibits radical forms of healing as a constant praxis of collective resistance. Colin has performed at The New Museum, MoCA Miami, PS1 MoMA, MCA Chicago, Suzanne Geiss Gallery, and for Miami’s NADA Art Fair.



Ben Gansky, Cloud City
Gray Spaces


Guest curator Ben Gansky, Cloud City. An evening of new works and works-in-progress from the Contemporary Performance network revealing radical fresh bleeding-edge trans-medial experiments in performance. From young makers breaking into and out of the performance scene, this evening event brings together vital forces that are shaping the next frontier of performativity. Existing between the black box of experimental theatre and the white rooms of the art museum, gray spaces explore the marginal zones of performance.

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Caden Manson is Editor In Chief and Curator of Contemporary Performance Network and co-founder and artistic director of Big Art Group, a New York City performance company founded in 1999.
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