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In Performance: MIRA EL! (American Realness)



Antonio Ramos and The Gang Bangers leave little between themselves and audience in this fascinating dance piece that’s all about testing the nature of intimacy. The performers wear costumes that simultaneously obscure and reveal. This creates a tension that intensifies as the performer’s bodies cut through space. Not just the space on stage but our own personal space. There is substantial risk taken in these performances. There are moments where it seems the performers could topple over or crash into each other in pursuit of getting their audience to truly see them. What might shock some is the comfort the audience develops with these performers. The piece rewards the intimacy it fosters with a final gesture that will leave you with a smile on your face and need for paper towels.


Abrons Arts Center, Underground Theater
466 Grand Street
New York, NY United States

Tuesday, January 12, 5:30pm
Wednesday, January 13, 8:30pm
Thursday, January 14, 5:30pm
Friday, January 15, 8:30pm

Run Time: 45 minutes

Tickets $20

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