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In Performance

In Performance: Forced Entertainment Live Streamed Speak Bitterness @ MCA Chicago, Saturday February 20, 4pm – 10 pm CST (10pm – 4am GMT)


MCA Chicago is presenting the landmark Forced Entertainment performance Speak Bitternessa 6-hour marathon event in which the performers attempt to confess … to everything.

The performance will be streamed live this Saturday February 20, 4pm – 10 pm CST (10pm – 4am (GMT).

Tune in at Speak Bitterness Live Stream! And join the conversation and share your own confessions at #FESPEAKLIVE.

Set your clocks to get up early, or stay up late (or something in between) to watch this seminal Forced Entertainment performance live on the internet. An e-flyer is attached if you would like to forward to your networks and spread the word. The last time this occurred was in October 2014 when people from 51 countries watched!

Speak Bitterness is part of an MCA Chicago special focus on Forced Entertainment with performances of The Notebook, Speak Bitterness and(In)Complete Works: Table Top Shakespeare, plus a rare opportunity for a new Institute of Failure event with Matthew Goulish. This project is generously supported by The British Council. Full details can be found here.


Speak Bitterness:

“A beautifully simple idea, beautifully developed to create something clever, funny, mind-bending and profoundly humane.” The Scotsman

“A brilliant originality.” The Independent

“A wide-ranging and open-ended piece; it is its very randomness that makes it so fascinating, embracing many possibilities of interpretation….a thought provoking and beautifully presented show…” The Irish Times

“…powerfully, accumulatively affective.” Time Out

“What this extraordinary, addictive live-streamed performance of Speak Bitterness did was to demonstrate conclusively that watching live theatre on the internet can be a hugely rewarding and different way of experiencing a show.” Lyn Gardner/ The Guardian

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Caden Manson is Editor In Chief and Curator of Contemporary Performance Network and co-founder and artistic director of Big Art Group, a New York City performance company founded in 1999.
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