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10 Immersive Theater Companies To Discover – 4. Fruit for the Apocalypse (London)

4. Fruit for the Apocalypse (London)

“Fruit for the Apocalypse create and present new audio-kinetic adventures in Opera, Ballet and Composition working with emerging artists and forging new collaborations in a site-responsive context.

We are a diverse collective of artists and producers who make experimental work. Our name comes from a tin of peaches – our adopted symbol of an eternity of ephemeral potential, locked within a cautious, nihilistic and consumer packaged society. We like to think of ourselves as romantic tin-openers – working to free the fruit from the redundant cold war stockpile. We collaborate with many different people – our main aim is to make and do rather than wait and do nothing. One of our productions, The Surrealist Taxi, is always open and has been open since July 1st 2010. We’re based between London and Rotterdam, developing work in both cities.” – Fruit for the Apocalypse Website

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