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In Performance: Jeanine Durning’s inging at Los Angeles Performance Practice May 12–13, 2017 (Los Angeles)

Los Angeles Performance Practice
Jeanine Durning’s inging
May 12–13, 2017

Los Angeles Performance Practice (LAPP) presents inging, created and performed by celebrated choreographer Jeanine Durning, an Alpert-Award winning artist and influential dance maker. For the first Los Angeles presentation of her choreographic work, Durning performs this intimate exploration of rarely charted territory at the intersection of thought, language and action. inging is presented May 12 and 13, 2017 at 8pm at Automata in Los Angeles’ Chinatown. Full event details below.

The performance’s title refers to the suffix “ing” in the English language, used to express actions that are still in progress, that haven’t yet ended. Part spoken word performance, part reverie, part dance, part oral biography and part meditation, inging proposes the insistent practice of unscripted nonstop languaging as performance. Performer and audience co-exist in perpetual disequilibrium, confronted with the limits of language, and the body as a bridge between thought and the world. inging premiered in 2010 at the Frascati Theater WG in Amsterdam and has since been presented at theaters, studios, museums and galleries around the world, including Ufer Studios, Berlin; HetVeem Theatre, Amsterdam; and the American Realness Festival in New York.

In conjuction with these performances, Durning also offers an “all levels, all people, all disciplines” workshop in the tools of her “nonstopping” practice—the discipline that underlies inging, and her ongoing choreographic practice. The workshop, doing being being doing, takes place Saturday, May 13 from 11a to 3p at Show Box L.A.’s studio, we live in space.

In addtion to her own choreography, Durning has worked extensively with Deborah Hay as a performer, choreographic assistant and, from 2011–2013, as a consultant to the Motion Bank, conceived by William Forsythe. She was most recently seen in Los Angeles performing Hay’s work No Time to Fly at the Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA, with Ros Warby.

Jeanine Durning // inging

Created and performed by the Alpert Award-winning artist Jeanine Durning, inging is a choreography of the mind. It is a rush of uninterrupted and unscripted speech that tracks the velocity of thought and maps the terrain of a shared present moment. In inging, Durning applies her physical practice of “nonstopping” to the act of speaking, invoking a force that is at once internal and external, physical and metaphysical. Durning’s spoken language stutters, flows, loops and leaps in a dance dictated by her exacting discipline. As thoughts emerge as words, and words emerge from the body, inging brings both speaker and listener to a place a paradoxical intimacy—confronting the edges of intelligibility while revealing the body and its gesture as an inevitable bridge between thought and language, at the moment of articulation.

:: Friday–Saturday, May 12–13, 2017
:: 8p
:: Automata, 504 Chung King Court, Los Angeles, CA 90012
:: Tickets $25 [Limited $15 “early catch” available now]
:: Ticketing Link :

photo: Ian Douglas

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